COVID-19 Response

Masks Now Required

Given the disturbing jump in positive COVID-19 cases in our area, we're insisting that everyone wear a mask inside the laundry.

Even if you're dropping off or picking up dry cleaning, cover your nose and mouth. The current public health situation is just too critical to risk your health or ours.

House Rules


  • A MASK IS REQUIRED. If you're unable to wear a mask, start your machines then return outside till the cycle ends. Fold at home.

  • Wipe handles and surfaces you touch using the disinfecting wipes we provide.
  • Only six (6) People are allowed inside at once. Wait outside if there are more than six people inside.

  • Do not eat or drink inside the laundry.

  • Watch your social distance and keep six feet between yourself and others.

  • If you feel unwell, do not come in. Use our Wash-and-Fold Service with Doorstep Delivery. Call Laura or Andy at 608-638-8060.

 Still Open, Still Super Clean

We are adhering to the most aggressive public health advice to do our part in containing the virus. We have always prioritized a clean and safe environment, but now we’ve implemented even more stringent cleaning and disinfecting routines.

Additionally, we have removed our tables and chairs and covered our free library.

We ask that you take the threat of this virus as seriously as we do. Please. Do your part in helping us all get through this terrible time. 

Financial Help is Available
If you're experiencing financial hardship during this time, you can wash and dry here for free. Come in between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays and tell us you'd like to use the House Account.

These services are made possible with help from community donations to our County Seat Laundry Fund. Call us at 608-638-8060 if you have questions or to donate.

$2 Off Washers, $1 Off Dryers
Every day from 4-6 pm, you pay less to wash and dry. Two loads cost just $2 and our four-, six- and giant eight-load machines are $2 off. Our large, extra-large and jumbo commercial dryers are each $1 off.

Wash-and-Fold Pricing
No need to leave the house to get your laundry done. We will pick-up, wash, dry, fold, and return your laundry to your home for just $1.50/pound.
Call 608-638-8060 to schedule a pick-up.