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Let’s face it. Laundromats have a bad reputation—and many deserve it. They’re dirty. Machines are out-of-order. A flickering TV blares at you from high on a wall. And the whole time you get a sinking feeling that you and your things aren’t safe.

We believe that you should expect more—and that laundry owners should offer more. So we founded County Seat Laundry in 2018 with the simple promise to make your wash day better.

This is what we’re all about.


We clean and sanitize machines and surfaces throughout the day to protect your health and well-being, and so that you can actually enjoy your experience.


Big windows let the light in. Cheerful people greet you. Cool music puts you in a good mood. Here, you’ll feel relaxed and happy.


Our laundry drop-off service, wash-and-fold service for small businesses and our in-store attendants make your experience hassle free.


From our giant washers and dryers, to credit card readers on every machine, it’s easy to get a lot done—fast.


At County Seat Laundry, we take care of one another. Respect matters. Kindness matters. Here, you’re treated like a neighbor—because we all are.

We look forward to saying hello.

Laura and Andy Patten
Founders and attendants

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