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Not everyone enjoys doing laundry like we do, nor is there always enough time to do it yourself.

Our Wash and Fold with Doorstep Delivery service is perfect for:

  • Businesses, such as cafes, massage therapists, and vacation rental hosts (learn more)
  • Busy families
  • Working people with limited time and who don’t want to spend their downtime on chores
  • People who really, really don't like doing laundry
  • Folks with physical limitations or restrictions

Drop off or let us pick up for you. Wash-and-fold pricing is per $1.75 per pound with a $25 minimum. 

Commercial discounts are available. Call us at 608-638-8060 for details.

How the wash-and-fold service works

  1. Drop off your laundry at our service counter Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm, or Saturday, 10 am–2 pm. Or call us at 608-638-8060 to schedule a pick-up.
  2. Tell us which detergent you want us to use. Provide either your own or use one of our popular house or premium brands.
  3. Let us know of any special instructions.
  4. We’ll sort, separate, wash, dry, neatly fold or hang and package your laundry.
  5. We’ll text, email, or call you when it’s ready for pick-up, or deliver it back to your doorstep.

Make sure everything is machine washable and machine dry-able. We cannot be responsible for any damage to items that aren't suitable for the standard laundering process of washing in water and drying with heat. Check your pockets too! We'll do our best but cannot always inspect every nook and cranny.

Items accepted

In addition to clothing, we’ll wash:

  • Comforters of any size, including down and extra heavy blankets
  • Sheets
  • Bedspreads and blankets
  • Pillows
  • Sleeping bags, both regular and down
  • Shop towels
  • Machine washable rugs
  • Pet beds
  • Diaper inserts

Snow-day policy:

When the schools in the Viroqua Area School District are delayed are closed, so is our service counter. However, the laundry is open for self-service use.

Our customers say...

This service is a Godsend. I work a lot of extra hours and sometimes get behind on the laundry. I recently brought in three weeks’ worth of clothes, sheets and towels and dropped them off on my way to work and picked them up on the way back. It saved me a lot of time I just don’t have.

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