Local Laundry Help for Your Business

Commercial Laundry (1)

Our business is laundry—so let us handle it! We work directly with you to custom design an affordable laundry service that fits your needs—with no contract or obligation.

Commercial services include:


  • Special volume pricing to match your budget

  • Easy auto-pay invoices and emailed receipts to simplify order tracking

  • Pick-up and delivery in the greater Viroqua area to save you time

  • Choice of detergents, including some specially formulated to break up heavy grease and oils

  • Tidy folding to reduce storage space requirements

 Our customers say...

I am a busy massage therapist and was spending too much time on laundry—time I’d rather be spending with my clients. Thanks to County Seat Laundry for taking over my part-time laundry job!

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