Save on Every Wash with the County Seat Laundry Savings Card

Sign up and save 10% on every wash—and earn credits for free dries.

140 credits ($35 in washes) = free dry in a large dryer (30 lb.)
150 credits ($37.50 in washes) = free dry in an extra-large dryer (45 lb.)
200 credits ($50 in washes) = free dry in a jumbo dryer (75 lb.) 

There’s nothing to keep track of. The card does it all.

How to sign up for and use your Savings Card

  1. See the attendant at the service counter between 7 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday. Load as much money on your card as you’d like. 
  2. Swipe your card on any of our washer-extractors or dryers to start the machine.
  3. The card keeps track of your balance, which is shown with every swipe. 

If you lose your card, we can look it up and replace its value—but only if you’ve registered the card first with an attendant.

Manage your account on your mobile device

Want to check the balance on your Savings Card? Add more money to it? See what machines are open? Get an email alert when your cycle finishes?

Get the app!

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Our customers say...

"I do a ton of laundry every week and the Savings Card saves me money. I love that I can reload the card at the washer or dryer with my debit card and put on only as much as I need."

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