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County Seat Laundry offers the largest selection of machine sizes in Vernon County.

  • Choose from double-load washer-extractors up to our massive eight-load machines. Wash multiple loads at once or bigger items like bulky comforters.
  • Our machines use less water while maximizing cleaning power. Plus, they remove more water from your laundry, leading to shorter dry times.
  • Dryers come in three sizes: large, extra-large and jumbo.
  • Get in and out in about an hour!

As much as we love animals, we cannot accept livestock or horse blankets in our machines. The hair clogs the drains. However, we can send blankets out for cleaning. Drop them off at the service counter Monday-Friday, 8 am–5 pm, or Saturday, 10 am–2 pm.

Pay the way you want

Every machine takes:

  • Quarters
  • Debit and credit cards
  • County Seat Laundry Rewards loyalty card, which offers discounts, bonus bucks, free dries and the ability to use your smartphone to start your machine (learn more)

How the washers and dryers work

Our washer-extractors and dryers are easy to use. Here’s how they work:


  1. Load the machine to the top of the glass on the door. Your items need room to move around to get clean. If your items don’t reach the top of the glass, use a smaller machine. If your items go above the top of the glass, choose a larger machine.
  2. Close and latch the door.
  3. Select the soil setting: regular, deluxe or ultra. (Deluxe includes a prewash and extra rinse. Ultra gives you a prewash as well as an extra wash and rinse cycle.)
  4. Choose the cycle: normal, permanent press or delicate.
  5. Select water temperature: hot, warm or cold.
  6. Add detergent and optional bleach and softener. The diagram on the washer lid shows you where. 
  7. Swipe your debit, credit or County Seat Laundry Rewards card or insert quarters.
  8. Press start.
  9. When your wash cycle is finished, remove your items, spin the drum, and leave the door open.


  1. Load the machine so that it’s about half full. This ensures that there’s enough room for your clothes to tumble.
  2. Follow the arrow on the front of the machine, then select the drying temperature: low, medium, high, no heat and delicate.
  3. Swipe your debit, credit or County Seat Laundry Rewards card or insert quarters.
  4. Press start. The machines are automatically programmed to run for 30 minutes, with a cool-down cycle built in. You can add minutes in $.25 increments if necessary—but make sure to add the $.25 increments before the 30-minute cycle ends.

Things you can do for better results


  • Empty your pockets and turn them inside out.
  • Don’t use any more detergent than what the instructions say on the box or bottle. If there’s too much soap in the water, the suds won’t rinse out completely and your clothes won’t feel clean.
  • Pick the right water temperature. Follow the instructions on the care label inside your clothes.


  • Don’t place items containing plastic, vinyl, rubber or foam rubber in the dryer.
  • Items soiled with vegetable or cooking oil can catch fire inside of a dryer, even if the items have been washed, so air dry those items.
  • Wool dryer balls cut drying time, reduce static and are reusable.

Our customers say...

Excellent facility, convenient layout, efficient equipment and friendly, onsite staff to help out. Made my giant once-yearly down duvet, pillows and wool mattress pad laundering a snap.

Featured Question:

Can I wash cloth diapers in your machines?

Yes. Get the full answer and more here.

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