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So nice and clean; owners there to answer any questions (very friendly and nice). LOVE that I can just swipe my debit card!!

Excellent facility, convenient layout, efficient equipment and friendly, onsite staff to help out. Made my giant once-yearly down duvet, pillows and wool mattress pad laundering a snap.

I do a ton of laundry every week and the Rewards Card saves me money. I love that I can reload the card at the washer or dryer with my debit card and put on only as much as I need.

This service is a Godsend. I work a lot of extra hours and sometimes get behind on the laundry. I recently brought in three weeks’ worth of clothes, sheets and towels and dropped them off on my way to work and picked them up on the way back. It saved me a lot of time I just don’t have.

I don’t need to drive to La Crosse anymore to get my dry cleaning done. This service saves me hours. Thank you.

I am a busy massage therapist and was spending too much time on laundry—time I’d rather be spending with my clients. Thanks to County Seat Laundry for taking over my part-time laundry job!

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